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 “Cool off this summer with strawberry lemonade pops that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.”
 “The best meals leave the biggest messes. The best Clean Freaks tackle them with Lemi Shine Dish Soap.”
 “Pumpkin spice overload? Put a little more lemon in your life.”
 “When you’re ready to get Freaky Clean, our Store Locator can help you find Lemi Shine near you.”
 “Are your little Clean Freaks ready to help out? Let them draw on windows with erasable markers, then have them clean it off with our safe, effective Glass + Surface Cleaner for a streak-free shine.”
 “Cool off this summer with a Freaky Clean slip-n-slide. Just add Lemi Shine Dish Soap to the watery mix for even more slips and a cleaner playtime.”
 “Dear Santa, crumbs will get you on the Clean Freak naughty list.”
 “Back to school can also mean back to germs. Tell us how you keep your little ones germ-free for a chance to be our Clean Freak of the Month.”
 “Tonight’s bbq tasting like last week’s cookout? Might be time to clean your grill. Here’s an easy way to take care of the mess without the fuss.”
 “Makeup brush need a touch up? Just pour some Lemi Shine Dish Soap onto a sponge, rub your brush against the surface, then rince with lukewarm water. Dry flat and enjoy your freshly cleaned brush.”
 “Christmas with the Clean Freaks.”
 “Who says holiday sweaters have to be ugly?”
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