“Basketball is better with a team of tall boys.”
 “Kosmos Spoetzl — the original brewmaster of Shiner Bock — was a man of the world. His quest to brew good beer took him to the ends of the Earth. So why did he end up in a tiny Texas town that’s well-known for being not well-known? Because any place else, and it wouldn’t be Shiner Bock.”
 “12-down territory.”
 “Win or lose, you win.”
 “Bock belly flop.”
 “Bring home the best pick in the whole lot.”
 “When you forget the bean bags.”
 “In football, always give 100%. or 200%.”
 “It’s Halloween — everyone’s entitled to one good beer.”
 “Tailgating: never not in season.”
 “Even the 12-Packs are bigger in Texas.”
 “Merry October!”
 “Mom just wants all the family together for Mother’s Day.”
 “Summertime calls for a cold beer. Or five.”
 “The best place to pick strawberries is in the beer aisle.”
 “Perfect poolside. Or dockside. Or anyside.”
 “You are 9,223,372,036,854,777,808 times more likely to enjoy this beer than fill out a perfect bracket.”
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