“Sharing SkinnyPop: easier said than done.”
 “It’s time to go back into the Upside Down (bag of SkinnyPop).”
 “So cute you could eat it. But you probably shouldn’t.”
 “The only things that go into a bag of Original SkinnyPop are popcorn, salt, sunflower oil and hands.”
 “Not sure why everyone’s fighting over that iron chair. There’s no popcorn and it doesn’t even recline. #GOTS7 #gameofthrones”
 “Don’t let anything get between you and your popcorn, especially a fresh coat of nail polish.”
 “100% real.”
 “The. Most. Dramatic. Flavor. Of SkinnyPop. Yet…”
 “Who says your nightstand can’t have a snack drawer?”
 “They’re like tasty little popcorn plates for whatever you have in your fridge.”
 “Variety pack hack.”
 Yoga teacher: Allow your body to take control and let your arms move freely. Me: ^
 “With no artificial ingredients, you don’t need to feel guilty about going for the gold — or green. Or blue, black or red.”
 “Our bucket list: Get a bigger bucket.”
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